As we correspond with fellow shipmates, we have found some common ailments that have afflicted some of us.  While we are not aware if these are service related, this page has been created so we can share information and may be document the source of these aliments.


Diabetes, kidney issues and some unknown maladies have cropped up in increasing numbers.  As a number of shipmates did serve in the Viet Nam Conflict there has been growing evidence that Agent Orange has caused an increase in these maladies.


The DOD has acknowledged that all servicemen and women that served in-country are eligible for disability benefits; they have not extended the same to those of us that served on the water within sight of the coastline.


We will post links to various websites that deal with these concerns as an aide to our shipmates.


Let’s hear from shipmates and we’ll exchange information.


Email Your Medical Concern      


 Australian Agent Orange Study


Request enrollment in the VA Health Care System


                   Veterans Health Council


VA Extends “Agent Orange” Benefits to Veterans